Victory At Last! DSS, El-Rufai Exposed In Masterminding Sex Scandal Surrounding Apostle Suleman

DSS, El-Rufai Exposed In Masterminding Sex Scandal Surrounding Apostle Suleman

A Cleric, Prophet Sunday Iyunade, has on Sunday, said the current travails of the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, were consequences of his public criticisms of government.

Iyunade, who is the President, Pentecostal Sanctuary Bible Ministries, with headquarters in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, declared that State agents allegedly masterminded the whole infidelity drama surrounding the fiery Cleric, in order to tarnish his name and put him in check.

According to reports, Apostle Suleman has been at loggerhead with the Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, and the Department of State Security Services, DSS, for threatening to kill Fulani herdsmen.

The recent attempt to arrest him in the mid-night in Ekiti State, by the DSS, was foiled by the Ekiti Sate Governor, Ayodele Fayose.

After that, an alleged amorous relationship between Apostle Suleman and a Canada-based lady, Stephanie Otobo, had recently sparked controversy, with both parties threatening legal actions in the media.

However, addressing a Press Conference to herald the 21st anniversary of the church, in Ijebu-Ode, during the weekend, Iyunade said Suleman might have suffered for daring to speak up against the plot by certain leaders in the country against Christians.

He noted, that though Christians played a key role in installing the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, they had become the first casualty, due to some negative policies of the present government.

He however, urged Christians not to be cowed, saying they must pray fervently to avert unpleasant occurrences in the nation.

Meanwhile, another Lady, Queen Esther, a resident of Kaduna, allegedly hired by El-Rufai, has on Sunday, revealed her sexual relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman.

This shocking disclosure came barely one week after a lady, Stephanie Otobo, claimed she was in a sexual relationship with the Cleric, and later denied the claims.

Queen Esther, in an exclusive interview with Premium Times, stated that she began a sexual relationship with Suleman in 2013, before a “catastrophic break-up” a year later.

“I was an usher in his branch church, but I had a sexual relationship with him, as he lured me into it, in order to solve my spiritual problem and limitations to success in career and marriage, but after the sex he didn’t solve the problems for me, instead he started making proposal for us to marry.’’

“I dated Apostle Suleman while I was a member in his church, he was my Pastor, spiritual director, and mentor, aside being a boyfriend, from August 2013 to 2014 April, ” she said.

Esther disclosed further, that Suleman’s wife got to know about her affair with the Cleric, a reason for her decision to end the relationship.

“I told him to give me a break in the relationship, so I can stay away from his wife’s view, and also get married to a single suitor I had at that time, instead he felt I was breaking up with him and began to threaten me, that I hurt him and that I will see the consequences of hurting him,” the lady said.

“Barely seven days after that, my body changed, I began to have strange movements in my body, my womb, sharp pains in my left breast,” she continued.

“I was taken to many places by my family, and we were told that my boyfriend used me for sacrifice and wants to kill me. Suleman sent me text messages threatening that I will die, I almost died if my God didn’t rescue me. So all my attempts to get him to heal me failed. I went to his father, his father tried to talk to him, but he denied doing anything to me, till today.”

Esther turned down Premium Times’ request to produce her photograph – or her real identity – saying she wants to first seek the protection of El-Rufai, from Suleman and “his team of magicians.”

“In the wake of this current sex scandal between Miss Otobo Stephanie and Johnson Suleiman, I started having strange calls from people who speak Auchi language while making incantations on me once I pick their phone calls,” she said.

“I cannot be able to send my picture now till am (sic) sure of my protection from his followers’ attacks.

“Many ladies are victims of Johnson Suleman, but they are afraid to come out publicly, because they fear the consequences attached to their public stand against him, which is a possible spiritual attack and destruction on their life and destiny.”

A top official of the Kaduna State government, confirmed that they received a request for protection from Esther, but added that the government does not want to be involved in the matter.

16 Responses to Victory At Last! DSS, El-Rufai Exposed In Masterminding Sex Scandal Surrounding Apostle Suleman

  1. Anita . B. says:

    It’s really sad, dat Christians re used against demselves. Christians hav so availed demselves for d Devils use, may God hav mercy on us. Stay strong man of God, even Jesus sufferd greater persecutions, ur faith is only being tested & know it dat Jesus loves u. He Wil not leave u all by urself, draw courage from God. May God name be praised In every situation

  2. Kemuel says:

    If your claims are true and something admissible, where were you since that time that you couldn’t report him to relevant authorities? Why only NOW, WHY? Be careful of God’s wrath in this end times events unfolding catastrophically. Christians must learn to read between the lines when the devil is about to strike.

  3. Sarki Paulina says:

    We are praying for you man of God, the devil and his agents will be put to shame for your seek and the truth will soon prevail. Be strong Sir.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Christianity is difficult and complex to understand.

  5. Uche Mbakwe says:

    This is really a hard nut to crack, eyes wide opened, ear very wide, waiting for the truth. Loading…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for which truth when we know that all these childish stories is to tarnish his image

  7. Anonymous says:

    We are in a desparate world, there is nothing that we will not see r hear, but all truth will surely come to an end. Whatever they are doing, surely there must be an end.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Every thing that has a beginning must surely have an end,touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm, says the scripture ……..

  9. Pastor Adetunji Fowowe says:

    I think we should leave Apostle Suliaman alone with his God.God was the one that called him not El-Rufai, not DSS. These ladies should be mindful of God’s wrath if they are lying against God’s anointed if otherwise God is the only one that can judge and that will judge. John5 :22, Acts17:31.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Honestly I don’t understand ladies of these days,how can a man u know is married walk up to you and ask for a relationship with a marriage proposal and you accept let alone someone who is anointed. Secondly,people do not really have shame,I know this is one of this sisters that go church just because they want to show themselves to every one that they know d man of God especially d one DAT has spiritual gifts. Church let us not be deceived. Madam Esther because u are not a queen if u are really a queen u should be ashamed to even speak of this atrocities u have committed,because this is really opposite of queen Esther In d bible. How much are u willing to sell d man of God, Judas sold at one pond Ten and u know d curse he bore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    she never see anything yet, and she will pay for her lies. she will not find it easy until she repent.

  12. ben says:

    What piss me up mostly is when someone says they are using christian against christian, my question is is it bicos of the name esther, come to my village I will show u plenty of such name but yet worship idol. These people are not christian but just bear the name.

  13. umoru says:

    Who are we to judge a man of God? Allow God to judge for he alone knows why he has called his son, Apostle Suleman. Let us be mindful of what we say about ordained men of God. The world and Nigeria in particular is in a mess today due to wrong judgement by people who cannot see beyond their nose. Free your mind of all dirty thought and forgive and let us move forward. God bless you all. ElRufai, DSS,Stephanie,Esther, Suleman and fellow Nigerians God is the greatest. We should recognise God as the most powerful. Please forget and let us forge ahead as no man has control of tomorrow except God.

  14. Clems says:

    To God be the glory! Just on Sunday Apostle Suleiman said that after 24hrs that God was going to expose those behind the scandal, this scandal had even made Apostle Suleiman a stronger Apostle, genuine Christians must defend themselves against this the ongoing Jihad war in Nigeria

  15. Victor says:

    I knew it was a lie all the way.. Even the so called Stephanie otobo.. Looked irresponsible and deceitful.. The moment I saw her clip with the DSS.. What a world

  16. eneji emmanuel says:

    I told my friends when I first heared the cheap lies against Apostle suleman, and I pity those that propagated d false news, for d lady I advice her to confess now dat she still have life in her. Who are we to judge, Nigerians with their empty heads that loves hearing and propagating bad news are all over with d best handwork they have. For everyone dat accepted all those lies against the man of God to be true I will advice also dat each and every one of u should beg God for forgiveness. To the man of God I plead that u relax, carry on with ur work and let God fight ur battle for u. May God bless Nigeria. Eneji Emmanuel

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