IMPRESSIVE!!! METUH’S TRIAL: Find Out Why Even Court Agrees That Olisa Metuh Is A Nice Guy (Read The Full Trial, Interesting)

IMPRESSIVE!!! METUH'S TRIAL: Find Out Why Even Court Agrees That Olisah Metuh Is A Nice Guy (Read The Full Trial, Interesting)

The second defense witness in the trial of the spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olisa Metuh has said that the first defendant made inquiries on how money contributed for the party campaign was sourced.

The witness, Collins Ifeanyi, a consultant at the office of the national publicity secretary of the PDP told the court a panel from the office of the national security adviser had invited Metuh for a meeting in November 2015.

Ifeanyi said that during the meeting with the team Metuh repeatedly told the team that the money given to him was for a national assignment assigned to him by the former president. “The meeting took place in either November or December 2015,” Ifeanyi said.

He also said that the first defendant had inquired from the chairman of the panel where the money had come from.

“But he raised his hands and asked the chairman, and he asked them what was the funding source of the money that was remitted to Dextra Investment Limited,” Ifeanyi said

The chairman did not readily give out the answer but said he will get back to Metuh on that inquiry.

“He (Metuh) told them that giving his position as the national publicity secretary, he was aware that campaign contributions were given to the president and that some of those monies were domiciled with the president,” the witness said.

The witness added that the first defendant added that if he found out that the money was not from the funding source as he thought he would always be willing to return the money.

But to Metuh inquiry, the chairman said that was the end of meeting and told Metuh that he looked nicer in person.

“To that chief Metuh responded, I am actually a nice guy and we are just providing constructive engagement and credible opposition government,” the witness added.

 Also looking at annexure to exhibit B, the witness also confirmed a document as an e-payment schedule from the office of the national security adviser.

But called for his cross-examination, the prosecuting counsel, Sylvanus Tahir said section 217 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act allows defense counsels to cross examine a witness.

He said the court should permit the counsel for the second defendant to cross-examine the witness.

But the judge, Okon Abang said the court had already made a pronouncement either rightly or wrongly and that the court cannot go back on its pronouncement.

Continuing with the cross examination, prosecutor asked the witness if he worked for Metuh or Dextra.

“No, the consultancy I did was for the office of the national publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),” Ifeanyi said.

Commencing with his cross-examination, counsel to the second defendant, Tochukwu Onwubufor asked the witness if he had any education before leaving Nigeria for Alabama, United States of America.

“Yes, I did a basic course at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) in Enugu state.

“Does not indicate to you that the first defendant is an honest person?” Onwubufor asked.

“Yes, my lord,” the witness replied.

The second defendant’s counsel continued: “I put it to you that the first defendant also had no intention to defraud the Nigerian government.”

“Yes, my lord, he did have that in mind,” the witness replied

Ifeanyi had earlier tendered his first degree certificate as evidence before the court.

The document was admitted by the court as exhibit D1.

Having listened to the witness testimony, the judge over the case, Okon Abang adjourned the matter to Thursday, May 18, for continuation of trial.

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