Donald Trump Blasts Buhari Personally – You Say Biafra Is A Joke, Compare Your Change With Previous Corruption

Donald Trump Blasts Buhari Personally - You Say Biafra Is A Joke, Compare Your Change With Previous Corruption

Donald trump who blasted Nigeria previously by asking the question ‘WHERE IS THE CHANGE” got a negative response . well trust the US presidential candidate for being blunt , came personally for Buhari. – No sensible president continuously travels round the globe while his country is in terrible hardship and economic mess.

It can only happen in Nigeria where all that matters to the President is the full introduction of Islam, annihilation of his political opponents and absolute extermination of the people of the old Eastern Nigeria.

Buhari, prior to his questionable victory at the polls as the President of Nigeria made lots of promises which he has obviously failed to keep and in most cases denied.

As a matter of fact, change could either be ‘positive’ OR ‘negative’.
To the earlier misconception of Nigerians and current state of the economy as a result of initiation of impracticable economic policies, it wouldn’t be wrong to assert that what president Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress promised Nigerians was a NEGATIVE CHANGE.

If Nigeria is a country made up of Democratic Nations just like the immediate former president Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan rightly proved, sound and unbiased mind can now fully see the deterioration and damage the Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration has caused the Nation’s democracy.

104 Responses to Donald Trump Blasts Buhari Personally – You Say Biafra Is A Joke, Compare Your Change With Previous Corruption

  1. Andre says:

    To God be the glory. The whole world is gradually seeing the dubious masquerade. A total failure and disaster that wanted power at all means even to the point of endless massacre of innocent Nigerians. He is even beginning to fight the same freedom of information bill he and his cohorts used in ridiculing his predecessor. GMB should resign now before Nigerians will die for him.
    Yes we will all go naked for him soon!!!!!!!!!

  2. kizzito says:

    Thanks Mr donald Nigeria dont have government and our country is on fair while our government are lutting money is too bad thank Almighty jay that the world are seeing them. Biafra must go see whether Nigeria like it or not…

  3. Dr. Jaja says:

    President Buhari disowned his campaign promises. He and his APC brought a negative change, with acute fuel scarcity since he came to power. Exchange rate from N200 = $1 to N420 = $1. He travels to foreign countries at an average of three countries per month and receives higher allowances. His budget is highly fraudulent. His fight against corruption is selective and use as a tool for intimidation/victimization of those in opposition. He has failed to address insecurity in the country.

  4. Mr priceless says:

    The world has seen…. Its either BIAFRA or death

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wish a Republican, preferably trump, would take over from the hypocritic democrats

  6. Mr Wolinton says:

    thank God the world is watching, Thank you Donald Trump GMB should be lucky that Nigeria is not like other country that rebels on their Government. and soon it is coming to that because things are going Bad every day. and we cant take it

  7. Mark says:

    Shut your mouth Trump.Because his economic policies dosn’t favour the west.Watch Buhari succeed.

  8. VIRGINIA says:

    I plead you all, all of you that have the franchise, to vote for Mr Donald Trump. He will not only purge this insanity in African regions, but he is also capable. Biafra, oh my father’s land, when shall you be. I long for you as a bride longs for the return of her man from a distant journey. Donald Trump shall facilitate the dawn. God help Trump, God bless Biafra.

  9. Oga yellow says:

    Yes trump your carrect

  10. GAMALIEL says:

    Where is Trump’s personal statement on this post?

  11. What I foresee,buhari will not be alive till the end of his tenure,b\cos of the way he is treating Nigerian,s especially the biafrans,if he buhari didn’t,t have a change of heart towards his personal hatred of the Nigerians,nd the biafrans,s I don,t think he will live to the end of tenure,buhari this is not what you promised the people of Nigeria God is hearing the cry,s of Nigerian,s,nd God has warned you,but b\cos of ego you refused to hear God,s warning be wise buhari for no one can be greater than God Almighty God is watching.

  12. akin says:

    They try, they give us ‘negative CHANGE’

  13. Uriah Sylvester says:

    Donald Trump is the Man for the job. He just nailed it on the head. Cudos man. I urge all you Christian in USA and alover to support D. T.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank God that the west are saying the truth that GEJ is a true Democrat while this Fulani daura is an islamized felloo.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald Trump. I don’t know.

  16. Anonymous says:

    God I thank U that the world is begining to See the type of Monster we have as a President.Former President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan will continue to be a Hero for Democracy.

  17. henry says:

    I said this from day one that trump is d man God sent to over turn d change but people say he’s a racist which of his previous comments about blacks that’s not true? Virtually all I wish God will over turn his enemies. Keeping hitting on them Donald. For the rest of ur campaign add a Lil flavour o rather support for africans u’ll see urself get their without any opposition. God bless trump

  18. rolly says:

    this man just decodes all codes of world hidden secrets…Bravo Donald!

  19. Omeje victor says:

    Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that, these are all political gimmics. who could have believed Buhari is a masked monster during has campeign pep talks. Donald Trump could be worse. Let’s be careful in making conclusions.

  20. araba kpura says:

    While Donald Trump is being despised at home, Nigerians are celebrating him! He is not the best guy to endorse one at the moment with his “hands”!

  21. Anonymous says:

    useless trump,devil!

  22. Anonymous says:

    And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. God bless Donald Trump.

  23. Ebbynon says:

    I pity Donald, Just a presidential candidate not minding ur Own business, How do U think U gotta win ? As for Nigeria, things are hard/ Harsh to citizens. but that’s how its meant to be cause this is a regime of another Political party…… Nigeria has been Under PDP for a long time, so don’t expect GMB to do magic, he’s not a magician

  24. Anonymous says:

    Tnx to US presidential hopeful God will c u thru in ur endeavour. It is really pathetic dat we av a so call president dat has no administrative sense, No direction, no public presentation. A shame to his so call change & barbaric, nonchalant attitude

  25. omale pius says:

    Trump or what ever he is called should mind his own business, why is he so particular about Nigeria? Agreed, he said the truth, will that give him the presidency of America. He should concentrate on his policies and stop throwing stone where it matters not. Without pain there is no gain, Nigeria will soon catch up with the west, it is a matter of time. Long live GMB, long live Nigeria

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ebbynon u r stupid I be leave u av lost ur senses

  27. Is always like this when a country that has been exploited my the European nations suddenly have a change of government who decide to put an end by the European nations policies on it economy that gives them room in continuing sucking it’s economy and natural resources, am not surprise with his comment after all three weeks ago international monetary fund has president mohammed Buhari to devalue our nairn and make dollar to be traded at the Nigeria stock exchange market instead of trading on black market which the president refuse they have succeeded in eliminating gadafi today the intire citizens of the country regrets killing him.

  28. Is always like this when a country that has been exploited my the European nations suddenly have a change of government who decide to put an end by the European nations policies on it economy that gives them room in continuing sucking it’s economy and natural resources, am not surprise with his comment after all three weeks ago international monetary fund asked president mohammed Buhari to devalue our naira and make dollar to be traded at the Nigeria stock exchange market instead of trading on black market to keep the at the receiving end while our economy keep suffering which the president refuse they have succeeded in eliminating gadafi today the intire citizens of the country regrets killing him

  29. Repentandacceptchrist says:

    Let the will of God Almighty be done, for he knows what is best for his children. God bless Biafra.

  30. NigerianPatriots says:

    and Nigerians remain quite?


  32. Ernie says:

    I know Trump has issues with eccentricity but I
    doubt he would degenerate to lunacy. So I consider this post fake.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Well said Kenny once Uchida apostle

  34. Anonymous says:

    Buhari shld understand dat GOD,livig beings are watching…Nigerians might revolt soon if care is nt taken

  35. Michael favour says:

    If the resources in the land of Biafras happen to be in the land of Nigerians with the attitude of Nigerians against Biafra’s that am seeing now, even with there oil, Nigerians will never allow the Biafras to be part of them. Good luck Jonathan was frustrated out presidency because he is from bayelsa part of bifran, buhari and his people sharpen there knife & get other weapons ready to kill Biafra’s in there thousands because they want to collect power, Nigerians feel they are the majority and also so-called president buhari feel he is above the law in Nigerian and above international law by disobeying UN — But in know distance buhari will be defeated disgraced by UN and in the hands of people like president Vladimir of Russia – Donald trump and others he shall also be defeated.

  36. Pat says:

    Thanks so much for the words of advice to Nigeria and their so called leaders,indeed Nigeria need reconciliation . Thanks Donald Trump

  37. Rotimi says:

    GEJ hero for democracy?, u simply dont knw wat u ar sayin. It ws durin Jonathan’s reign dat politicians were bcomin billonaires over night & it ws durin his reign dat millitary commandos bcame political benefitiaries. I knw Buhari is nt capable of rulin dis country nt even a bit but dat doesn’t mean his predecessor ws also capable. We need a president, a ruler, a servant, & sme1 who fears God or else, it wil be zero upon zero

  38. ugochukwu says:

    Thanks to Trump tell dat fool Buhari his a taut…Biafra or Death

  39. Abaleke says:

    Donald Trump is the man, the one who can throw diplomacy to the dustbin and say things the way they are is the real man for the job. Sorry to Nigrrians for being deceived by those fraudsters only to brought the country to all time low and economic mess of all time . Buhari and his Apc is a scam and absolutely fraud. It is only in Nigeria that you will make empty promises to get vote after which you will denounce those promises on which basis you were elected and still be proud moving around without tendering your resignation letter. May we live to see the days of Donald Trump presidency in America to liberate Africa from fraudsters as leaders because if leadership in Africa are accountable, there wouldn’t be need for anybody to be sleeping in American embassy looking for visa. Gabonese does not beg for visa of other countries why must WE? If not deceit prevalent in our government. So we need one who is sincere and honest to the point of keeping promises to come and sanitise Nigeria and free people from the shackles of slavery which is the Nigerian state.

  40. MOSES N A says:

    GOD in who”s hand cometh every good and perfect gift will grant Donald Trump victry. I love you may GOD use you and others to free Biafran from nigeria in JESUS name

  41. Daisy says:

    Donald Trump must not loose US presidential election. Oh God, hear our cry.

  42. Daisy says:

    I love this man Trump. He is sincere with words. We need BIAFRA emergence just like we need air. We are suffocating here in Nigeria. UN set us free. Must we are die before you declare biafra? Remember that unity by force is not just slavery; it is demonic. Obama failed Africans; Trump is like our second God. Oh Lord, speak from above. It was you who spoke in Jerusalem and it was perfected in Carpannum. You can do it again. Men have failed us. #Biafrexit the only solution.

  43. Thank you Trump for your concern to the issue of Nigeria and it’s bad present government which an uneducated fulani man is ruling. That’s how we suffer in the hands of northerners and even some foolish political leader from Souths-East who claim to be saviour of the people, but are now betrayal of the poor people. they are seriously looting down our economy and money.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Biafra has forever been a failed nation you can cry blood till ur last day or get inspired by evil ignorance. Please WAKE UP

  45. Rogers says:

    Buhari agenda is an islamic agenda . No wonder all the security chiefs are muslims so that they can go to mosque and have their secret meeting against the Christians. But GOD of Christians is greater than any idiots

  46. eddy says:

    What do we Nigerian expect from an initracy whom doesn’t have a certificate of birth talk more of education background

  47. buha says:

    Nothing can ever make devil to win my God no buhari’s ommision in the world is to kill and please Igbo’s let us embrance our fellow biafran with a full support so that shame will be for the devil

  48. Anonymous says:

    Please my fellow Nigerian support me to kill buhari before he kills us

  49. Anonymous says:

    The eastern governor’s should wake up before buhari will sell the whole land as a national cake and put the money in his pocket as he claims that Nigeria is now his inheritance and family business. eastern governor’s should exclude Rochas from their agenda as an igbo indigen because he has a first class upper in the university of betrays with he’s father Devil the Satan

  50. Anonymous says:

    Tell them

  51. H. James says:

    people of God outside Nigeria please be :careful.
    our attention has been drawn to some
    certain individuals or Group of persons
    who are running Fake watsapp account (s) Fake e-mail (s) and Fake….
    Facebook accounts”
    They pretends to be
    These are Fraudsters they are only after
    your MONEY. SCOAN DOESN’T USE WATSAPP OR EMAILS please be careful .!!!

    If you are outside Nigeria ,and you do not
    have the time or money to Come to
    Nigerian yourself,
    look for some one you trust who can get
    The morning water, anointed stickers,
    Video cassettes, mirror book ,testimony
    book , ..from..
    Senior prophet TB Joshua ….”
    Or if you do not have any one in or
    coming to Scoan,send an Email directly to


  52. Anonymous says:

    Decency, LONG LIFE TRUMP, Biafrans knows that u ‘ve come to bring out human being from ZOO, pls, lam begging d whole chritian world d great pope, d spritual church leaders 2 come and help biafra b4 Buhari’s final macacre against south East Nigeria.Buhari has sent 4 worship 3,400 soldiers 2 south,uncoutable Fulani herdsmen known as BOKO HARAM 2 south East, priviously they killed hundreds over overnight at Enugu state biafra, Anambra state biafra, Ebonyi state biafra, Delta state biafra, they beheaded numerouse christian preachers at North. Finally bible tells us that through Abraham Lot was saved. Good luck Trump, long life UN.

  53. Bravo Alfred says:

    God is great ,Donald J Trump has won, all the enemies of Biafra will be SUBMITTED by the power of the All mighty GOD.


  55. Anonymous says:

    We r moving forward and god almigty is incharge and we r not relenting, all hail biafra

  56. the government says:

    the united state will not see u insult there government no matter what; but here in Nigeria we also contribute in the insult sorry to all the citizens that get involve in this hypocracy

  57. Buhari must move away from this nigeria either by hook or by crook.either in peace or pieces.let biafra go buhari.we all belive in most honourable and most missionary gift from God that’s called honoureble blessed DR.Trump.may you live to witness the good thing of this world.may God lead you in your government.we biafrans belive we will have freedom as we all support your winning of the God has answer our prayer may you never turn your back on us,we all biafrans ask these trough christ our lord. AMEN capital AMEN that is the sybols that show that God is leading you to us in to our freedom.thank you sir most honourable President.thanks for reading my message.

  58. Ekenedilichukwu Austin(de kekule) says:

    thanks be to God for making trump president of the u.s by now i know that trump will demolish bad work of obama and buhari and grant us freedom .all hail God ,all hail trump,all hail biafra

  59. Godwin Ochuko says:

    sir without adding much sir. am not c supporter of biafra am just after one peaceful and wealthy nigeria. we need peace in our country we the youth are jobless sir. our forces are criminals starting from the police, sars, etc all criminals we are been oppressed by the guns they carry. no job in the country no light, no good roads, nothing all our leaders care about is stealling our money and sending their childrens to out side the country for better life while we are here dying of hardship sir to crown it all our leaders has made it difficult for a common man to live a good life in this country. the law of nigeria does not favour the poor masses, out side nigerians call us criminals but sir i tell you we not. Our boys are only into crime cox nothing for them to do. Most of the criminals in nigeria are sound gradute sir. Help us sir we are suffering

  60. ndu says:

    God sent

  61. Anonymous says:

    When will this soo called Nigeria will be better again,Nigerians has suffered for all kind of humiliation from this so called APC government in Nigeria. The government are scaming it citizen.some days ago the wife of the President bought 22million dollars from central bank of Nigeria and sold for 365naira to black marketers and the masses are here dieing in’s time we tell our self the truth this country is becoming so anoying

  62. Anonymous says:

    Biafra is all we need now

  63. CARLOS says:


  64. Ovat Cletus says:

    God has the final sasay for everything in life and has time for them all. He also uses those He choose to use at any given time and purposes. Let His will be done on Biafra issue. The long expected Messiah was less recognised by the people but He did all He needs to do and left. Today, Trump will do the one he need to do.if Gold has asked him to redeem us for freedom fine & good but, let give him a chance and not distract him. All I know is that, God has sent a messiah for Nigerian and the proposed Biafra’s republic.

  65. the rich also cry says:

    Buhari hitting behind bush
    A person that can not change himself
    Is now till us but change
    Ok what did his change bring to Nigerian?
    We need to wake up before something happen
    May God forbid
    Sure we need change but not this kind of buhari change

  66. Buhari hitting behind the bush
    A person who can not change himself
    Is now till us but change
    Ok what did his change bring to Nigerian?
    We need to wake up before something happen
    May God forbid
    Sure we need change but not this kind of buhari change

  67. the rich also cry says:

    Buhari is bitting behind the bush
    How can A person who can not change himself by his empty promises
    Is now till us about change which kind of change?
    Ok what did his change bring to Nigerian?
    We need to wake up before something bad happen to us
    May God forbid
    Sure we need change but not this kind of buhari change

  68. ugoplex says:

    This ebbynon is the highest hypocrite and sycophant I hv ever seen

  69. pius anayo says:

    Thank you Mr trump for acknowledging what is happening in this zoological Republic called Nigeria may God almighty strengthen you and give you the wisdom to lead America and restore her dignity that has been destroy by Obama administration. And please help us for the restoration of Biafra

  70. congrant donald trump,buhari is not the problem of nigeria,the problem is there before he came in,his economic policy the CBN governor has a roll to play,where is he,buhari is just one man,nigeria is a nation,can u see that buhari is a powerless president,just look at the hand behind him,& remember he is a old man.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I have always said that APC is a fraud, while buhari is an Islamic terrorist, he has no idea about Nigeria, all what he is after is how to implement OIC’s programmes in Nigeria, this is what he has been trying to do since 12 years ago, with Hus parasitic hausafulani jihadists, butwith coming if Trump, they will all fail in Jesus name amen. Martins Dodo

  72. Idenwa says:

    Mr Donald Trump is somebody

  73. annonymous says:

    Never believe everything you read on the internet. Nigerians are so gullible.

  74. Aeron Noah says:

    Trump was really a madman, madman with power! The Biafra was an illusion not real. Whoever think to ignite the Biafra was deceiving himself. We stand by to unite the country as single Nigeria and whoever think about it will taste the Will and would regret for it. Ask for the information about the Biafrans during the civil war wage against Nigerian government by the Igbo and what’s the result? Be careful.

  75. Anonymous says:

    buhari is our leader let follow him , let listen to him, let obey him.No responsible father will hear the cry of an inresponsible children. GMB please live long to complete the cross river super highway .

  76. Evang Elijah John says:

    buhari is our leader let follow him , let listen to him, let obey him.No responsible father will hear the cry of an inresponsible children. GMB please live long to complete the cross river super highway .

  77. Anonymous says:

    Let’s all watch as GOD will have HIS way in nigeria buhari may end up as wicked king pharaoh in the red sea of his wickedness.. GOD is watching you pmb

  78. nwachukwu- abiama. says:

    Dee Trump.kam suoro gi biafra ibiala bu ibiala anyi so gi ala biafra Sara gba gbuo awusa na Yoruba.dee trump aka anyi no na elu Nishi gi.

  79. Moses Paragon says:

    Trump is the kind of man thPresident without bearing always loosing focus. need to salvage this already scattered nation, with a we

  80. freedom donchichi says:


  81. ANC says:

    Some of you are blaming President Bahari for what is actually not his making. He inherited a bad and ailing economy from his predecessor and is only grappling with it considering its complexity. In my estimation he is doing the right things to bring the economy on track. Some of the decisions,like the ban on rice importation have caused hardship in the country as many Nigerians are rice eaters. But why should we be importing what we can produce locally and draining our economy of the much needed funds for infrastructural development? At the home front, would you as the head of your family allow members of your family to spend money on food outside the home when you can prepare such food at home? Nigerians consume mostly imported goods and this is not good for the economy.As for Trump helping to actualize Biafra, lets watch and see.

  82. ATNADU DANIEL says:

    Donald real saying,U’re right,but i pray for GOD intervention

  83. Gallant Biafran says:

    Nigeria are so low in mind,u dont give power to smone dat need it by force just as GMB did it all in d name of pity or deer selfish intrest now after election d regrets has come evey one is suffering due to no sence of ruling i pray God to help us and give us our hearth desire up D trunp all hail Biafrans.

  84. ikechi says:

    God help Our Nation Nigeria.
    Leadership of Nigeria confirmed
    by me as fake, for example:
    (1)#200,000 naira only bribe by
    chief in Omudioga village in Emohua Local Government Area
    Rivers State, was judge against
    the real owner of the land
    people involved in that bribers are chief Essua Wogwua, Moses Worhu, Secretary=Smith
    …26 years old was the only son and three sisters which there late father and mother survive, lost theirs land because of bad leader of Nigeria.

  85. Rev Fr Martins Frank Nebo says:

    What You have to understand is that Donald Trump has already win the presidential election, Buhari or whatever you may be called, be carefull, I reapet, be carefull for the cry of the Israelites in Nigeria has reached the ear of their God.
    If the son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed, therefore, Biafra is free!!!! Believe That

  86. Agha Kingsley says:

    Indeed Biafra is free
    already,JESUS NAME AMEN.

  87. Agha Kingsley says:

    Indeed Biafra is free
    already,in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Look at what you people are saying it is disgusting honestly.

  89. mr nwukawu says:

    buhari must suffer with his people husasha

  90. Real woman says:

    To all Igbo,is Nigeria about tribe or ethnicity leader, hmmmmmmmm if we have start identify character​ wise and characteristics of all the tribe Igbo will loose out,but I think is all about who is right an God chooses not some greedy people from all the tribe ,ok Igbo,Yoruba,hausa that all we know but for now if I can make or remind you in the past few years,we have obasanjo, Jonathan, and now buhari…….So igbo do you have any problem there????? If you do then face it squarely and solve the puzzle…….Fuck Biafra,after Biafra nko….Who no go survive…..Brainless people

  91. Anonymous says:

    Biafra is a must. like or hate it.

  92. Anonymous says:

    The Igbos should give me few reasons the very lazy,unproductive and criminally_minded Yoruba’s are so afraid,unsaved and bitterly angry when ever the Biafran matters arises. I will give reasons if one of the Biafra’s respond to this.

  93. Gabriel E says:

    The Nigeria we are today is not a country, Buhari and the north must know that every state have a right to independence.

    They say we are one, but the colonial master where actually better rulers than the internal leaders. If they will hide the truth, i must tell you. we are all leaving in perpetual slavery. Biafra have the right to go. if you do not want them to go, then do the right thing. not only biafra more languages will go since the north thinks that they can force people to stay and compel them to do their evil will.

  94. Gabriel E says:

    The secret agenda to Islamism Nigeria is carried out by the North and western Nigeria. They want all of us to worship the goddess of the moon and stars as they do.

    They introduced boko haram aand now transforming the to fulani herdsmen.


  95. Sweetcake says:

    If biafra go it does not make a tangible meaning to Nigeria and reduce Ibo population outside the East.

  96. Noble prosper says:

    All the Igbo’s are in support of Biafra and our leader which iz Nnamdi KANU have made it clear that there will no election in every Biafra land unless they give us a date for our referendum

  97. Bosco King says:

    My People God is fighting for us of a truth.
    The world at large now know about our pains and strives.
    In the end UK Government also speaks: Instead of
    arresting Nnamdi Kanu, defeat him through
    To God be the Glory. Independence is here.

  98. Joseph says:

    Referendum biafra

  99. shedrack u. says:

    its quite obvouse that God is on our side hear..wether buhari or no buhari, Trump or no trump,what must stand must stand..Buhari is a failure and a fool all together.. Biafrans are VICTORIOUS..

  100. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir we really need your help and support to help us achieve Biafra republic..may God almighty continue to bless u and your country

  101. Lover of Good people. says:

    “Dear God

    Please take away my pain and despair of yesterday and any unpleasant memories and replace them with Your glorious promise of new hope. Show me a fresh HS-inspired way of relating to negative things that have happened. I ask You for the mind of Christ so I can discern Your voice from the voice of my past. I pray that former rejection and deep hurts will not color what I see and hear now.

    Help me to see all the choices I have ahead of me that can alter the direction of my life. I ask You to empower me to let go of the painful events and heartaches that would keep me bound. Thank You for Your forgiveness that You have offered to me at such a great price. Pour it into my heart so I can relinquish bitterness hurts and disappointments that have no place in my life. Please set me free to forgive those who have sinned against me and caused me pain and also myself. Open my heart to receive Your complete forgiveness and amazing grace. You have promised to bind up my wounds Psa 147:3 and restore my soul Psa 23:3 .

    Help me to relinquish my past surrender to You my present and move to the future You have prepared for me. I ask You to come into my heart and make me who You would have me to be so that I might do Your will here on earth. I thank You Lord for all that’s happened in my past and for all I have become through those experiences. I pray You will begin to gloriously renew my present.”
    When Your Past Is Hurting Your Present: Getting Beyond Fears That Hold You Back through prayers.

    Oh God pay all our leaders back according to their deeds Amen.

    Like a roaring lion and a rushing bear Is a wicked ruler over a poor people.
    Isaiah 10:1

    Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions,
    Micah 7:3

    Concerning evil, both hands do it well The prince asks, also the judge, for a bribe, And a great man speaks the desire of his soul; So they weave it together.
    Isaiah 1:23

    Your rulers are rebels And companions of thieves; Everyone loves a bribe And chases after rewards They do not defend the orphan, Nor does the widow’s plea come before them.
    Ezekiel 22:27

    “Her princes within her are like wolves tearing the prey, by shedding blood and destroying lives in order to get dishonest gain.
    Isaiah 3:14

    The LORD enters into judgment with the elders and princes of His people, “It is you who have devoured the vineyard; The plunder of the poor is in your houses.
    May God grant us lasting peace as He save his people Amen

  102. Anonymous says:

    God has bless Biafra . Nobody we stand against Biafra

  103. Anonymous says:

    We are taking about bokoharm…. We thanks God that they don’t even come to ondo state….. We are ready to kill them all

  104. Anonymous says:

    They have to come and we gonna show them a battle of war…… Shekau lead them come and we are here for you to.kill you all

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