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We Were Forced To Create ‘HIV VIRUS’ As A Weapon To Wipe Out African Race – DR. ROBERT GALLO

We Were Forced To Create 'HIV VIRUS' As A Weapon To Wipe Out African Race - DR. ROBERT GALLO A site run by a friendly and reasonably honest woman I know recently reposted a text titled “The Man Who Created AIDS: Robert Gallo.” The text went super-viral, over 80,000 shares on Facebook alone. Once I read it, I was aghast at how much misinformation and how many scientifically illiterate statements were in the text and attached video. // I wrote her explaining my reasoning, and she immediately [...]

MIRACLE!!! 90-Year-Old Woman Becomes Pregnant After Years Of Continuous Praying

MIRACLE!!! 90-Year-Old Woman Becomes Pregnant After Years Of Continuous Praying Even though Margaret Allen has brought up 14 kids, none of them has given her a grandchild, something she desperately wishes for. This is what Ms. Allen told  “I’m not sure why my own kids won’t breed. Shame on them.” “But God always answers my prayers and though, at my age, the so called “doctors” say I can’t get knocked up, they is wrong. I pray hard enough, [...]

Just In!!! Seven Lassa Fever Patients Escape From Medical Centre In Taraba

Just In!!! Seven Lassa Fever Patients Escape From Medical Centre In Taraba I don’t know why people are like this. Seven suspected Lassa fever patients on admission at the Federal Medical Centre in Jalingo, capital of Taraba State have VANISHED. // Dr Aisha Sani, the Chairperson, Lassa Fever Committee at the medical centre disclosed this today, saying that government is making frantic efforts to arrest the suspects. “Seven persons had absconded. We are making [...]

At least 3 dead, 10 infected with fresh outbreak of Lassa Fever virus in Bauchi

At least 3 dead, 10 infected with fresh outbreak of Lassa Fever virus in Bauchi At least 3 people have died from a fresh outbreak of Lassa Fever, while 10 members of a family are currently infected with the virus in Bauchi State. The Executive Chairman Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Ibrahim Gamawa, who said this yesterday in Bauchi, added that the 10 new cases were recorded in a single family at Jaye village in Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area of the [...]

20 year old student almost dies from infection after leaving tampon in for 9 days

20 year old student almost dies from infection after leaving tampon in for 9 days A 20 year old student, Emily Pankhurst said she initially blamed exam stress when she started to constantly feel weak, bloated, yellow skin and feel faint. She said she didn't really panic until a few days later when she started to slur her words and suffer bloody discharge, so she went straight to the Doctor. // She told the Daily Mirror: “I was feeling really ill by that stage. I [...]

Mobile phones lower sperm count: Study

Mobile phones lower sperm count: Study Fertility experts are warning man that using a mobile for as little as an hour a day is "cooking sperm" and lowering level significantly. The new study shows that having a mobile phone close to the testicles - or within a foot or two of the body - can lower sperm levels so much that conceiving could be difficult. // The findings have led to a leading British fertility expert to advise men to [...]

23-year-old woman, Begs family To End Her Life After Insect Bite Leaves Her Bed-Ridden

23-year-old woman, Begs family To End Her Life After Insect Bite Leaves Her Bed-Ridden A 23-year-old woman who has been bed-ridden for 11 years has told her family she wants to die in a suicide assisted clinic in Switzerland. Kirsty Keep contracted lupus after she was bitten by a bug in her back garden in Maidstone, Kent when she was 12 years old. Her mother says Kirsty has asked her to help her end her life by taking her to a Swiss clinic. // Because of her condition, [...]

Family Grieves Tragic Loss of Third Child to Genetic syndrome

Family Grieves Tragic Loss of Third Child to Genetic syndrome A Pennsylvania family is mourning the loss of their daughter after she died of a genetic syndrome that also took the lives of her brother and sister. Erin Mading of Pittsburgh told ABC News that her daughter Isabella, 10, died on Feb. 6 from a brain cancer that was caused by the genetic condition Lynch Syndrome 3, also known as Constitutional Mismatch Repair Deficiency, or CMMRD. // "Everywhere [...]

At least 25 children have been killed by ‘Strange disease’ in Lagos

At least 25 children have been killed by 'Strange disease' in Lagos Residents of Otodo-Gbame Community in Ikate, Lekki, Lagos State, are battling to save their children from a strange disease which has claimed the lives of no fewer than 25 children in the area. Punch Metro learnt that the yet-to-be-identified disease, which started in January 2016, has brought panic to the predominantly Egun community, as the affected children developed rashes similar to measles, [...]

NYPD officer convicted of manslaughter for fatal shooting Akai Gurley

NYPD officer convicted of manslaughter for fatal shooting Akai Gurley The rookie New York City police officer who fatally shot Akai Gurley, an unarmed black man, in the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project was convicted Thursday of manslaughter and fired from the department. // The officer, Peter Liang, was patrolling the building with his gun drawn in November 2014 when he fired the fatal shot. He fired his weapon after Gurley and his girlfriend opened a door [...]

Know your genotype status – Genotype Foundation: Pfizer

Know your genotype status - Genotype Foundation: Pfizer Know the status of your genotype to prevent sickle cell children. In line with its commitment to the health and wellbeing of Nigerian children, Pfizer supported Genotype Foundation on a debate competition on “the knowledge of genotype, relevant or not relevant to the society”. Genotype Foundation is a non-profitable non-governmental organization (NGO) with an objective to help people especially [...]

Lawsuit alleges Hawaii man HIV-positive after blood transfusion

A man's lawsuit against Blood Bank of Hawaii, the American Red Cross and others says that he became HIV-positive from a blood transfusion during bypass surgery in 2011. In 2013, the man tested positive for HIV with AIDS, the lawsuit said. The blood bank and Red Cross provided blood-transfusion products to hospitals in Hawaii, including the one where he underwent surgery, the lawsuit said. Other [...]

Just In: Official urges Americas to spend more on Zika

The head of the Pan American Health Organization says more resources are needed quickly if the region is to fight the Zika outbreak. Carissa Etienne told health ministers from Latin America holding an emergency meeting in Uruguay on Wednesday that every nation in the region needs to devote more money to expand mosquito control campaigns, bolster health services and educate the public on the [...]

Fired Walmart Pharmacist Wins $31 Million lawsuit

A jury has awarded more than $31 million in damages to a former Walmart pharmacist in New Hampshire who claimed she was wrongly fired after reporting safety concerns about co-workers dispensing prescriptions. Maureen McPadden was a 13-year employee who reported her concerns to management while working in Walmart’s Seabrook pharmacy. She was fired in 2012 after losing her pharmacy key. The [...]

Georgia Nurse who faked cancer and raised $25K in donations arrested

// Police arrested a Georgia medical professional who they say for years duped kind-hearted loved ones and strangers into thinking she had Stage IV ovarian cancer to walk away with at least $25,000 in donations, free trips and gifts. Mary Bennett, 29, spoke of her battle with cancer on social media for years, writing about the things she still wanted to cross off her “bucket list” and [...]

Family abandons Lassa Fever victim’s corpse in hospital

// About two weeks after his death, the corpse of the patient that died of Lassa fever is still at the National Hospital in Abuja and yet to be buried. Although the details of the delay for the burial were still sketchy, a source in the hospital told The PUNCH that the family might have abandoned the corpse “because of the manner of the death.” The 33-year-old newly-married man lived [...]

28-Year-Old Woman’s Skin Molts 4 Times a Day because of steroid withdrawal

// Cara Ward, 28, began using strong steroid creams when she was a teenager to help control her eczema. When the creams became ineffective two years ago, the Londoner stopped treatment altogether, causing her body to develop Red Skin Syndrome, a condition where skin reddens and peels constantly because of topical steroid withdrawal. "I was then stuck in the house for nearly two years only [...]

Women warned ‘don’t have kids until 2018″ as horror virus that causes severe birth defects spreads

// Women in Latin America and the Caribbean have been told to avoid pregnancy for two years following the outbreak of a virus that causes severe birth defects. The Zika virus is currently rampaging through the Americas, particularly in Brazil, and can cause children to be born with microcephaly - an abnormally small head and brain. Health officials in Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador and El [...]

Raw meat lover grows 6-metre long tapeworm inside his stomach

// A meat-lover who had a two-year stomach pain was horrified when doctors said a 6-metre long tapeworm had grown inside him. Doctors told him it had been caused by his love of raw beef. The patient had been complaining about vomiting, general weakness and a lack of appetite to various doctors over the past two years. Medics kept treating him for stomach ache and chronic anemia. During [...]

MTN Foundation sends 14 children to India for heart surgery (Photos)

// Under the MTN Foundation’s Medical Intervention Scheme, 14 beneficiaries out of the 20 who were diagnosed at Gold Cross Hospital, Lagos have been shortlisted for heart surgery treatment in India. They are due to leave the country tomorrow Wednesday, January 20, 2016. Two of the initial 16 beneficiaries selected for treatment dropped out and decided to pursue treatment in India by other [...]

LASSA FEVER: FG targets 10,000 health centres, sets up committee

// Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adeboye, yesterday, gave an assurance that Lassa Fever would be completely eradicated in the country this year. The minister, who spoke to journalists after participating at the signing of updated Abuja commitment on polio eradication at the Presidential Villa, said the Federal Government had concluded arrangement to set up 10,000 primary health care [...]

Lassa Fever killed 65-year-old woman in Delta State

// Lassa Fever claimed the life of a 65-year-old woman who was diagnosed with the illness in Delta State. The victim, who was first admitted at St Joseph Hospital, Asaba and later referred to the Federal Medical Centre, in the city, gave up the ghost after doctors battled in vain to save her. The woman whose identity was unknown at press time, reportedly hailed from Ifiogwari village, Ayamelunu, [...]

Mother drank while pregnant resulted daughter disable at 43

// As a teen, Kathy drank alcohol while pregnant with her daughter, Karli. It was a perilous if unwitting mistake that has defined both of their lives. Karli is now 43 but is the developmental age of a first-grader. In the home she shares with her mother and stepfather, she collects dolls and purses, and pores over Hello Kitty coloring and sticker books. Karli has fetal alcohol syndrome, the [...]

Medical doctor dies of Lassa Fever in Ph, Rivers state

// A medical Doctor, Ehivai Njamala was killed by a deadly viral disease, Lassa Fever in Rivers state today January 14th. The disease, which is fast growing into an epidemic in Nigeria, killed the doctor who is resident at the Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital (BMSH), Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital. According to the Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) in [...]

Miracle baby weighing only two pounds, suffered liver failure, collapsed lungs and survived

// Wonderful, a 16 year old teenage mum has thanked the dedicated staff at a Teesside hospital for saving the life of her baby son who was born weighing just two pounds. Delivered at 26 weeks tiny Levi-Haydon Smith suffered multiple complications, including kidney failure, two collapsed lungs, fluid on the lung and jaundice. But after spending nearly eight weeks being cared for at Stockton’s [...]

Lassa fever spreads to Abuja, kills one

// Wow, the Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed the death of a Lassa fever victim at the National Hospital in Abuja. The death came a day after the Ministry confirmed that 41 persons had died so far, with 93 people in 10 states going through treatments, but said there were no reports of new cases. While announcing the death at the National Hospital on Wednesday, the Minister of Health, [...]

Lassa fever kills one in Edo, spreads to Imo

Edo 2016 Guber: Oshiomhole asks more women to join state guber race // The Lassa fever which is ravaging 10 states of the country has claimed its first casualty in Edo State. The Commissioner for Health in Edo, Dr. Eregie Aihanuwa, who confirmed this during a press conference on Monday, also noted that five persons were hospitalised after showing the symptoms of the deadly disease. She explained that three out of the six infected persons were treated [...]

Australian newborn is 23-year-old! Find out the amazing reason (Video)

// The “World’s Oldest Baby” sounds a bit strange when you say it out loud, but it’s real and the current holder is Xavier Powell. Xavier was born in June 2015, the product of a father who had his sperm frozen a whopping 23 years ago, according to a report by the Independent Journal. Xavier’s father, Alex Powell, was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at 15 years old in 1992. At the [...]

Be inspired! Man lost almost 400 pounds

// There is still hope guys.... Frank Shand is 28, 6′1″, and currently weighs 260 pounds. But back in 2013, he weighed more than 653 pounds. This is the story of his weight-loss journey. The Turning Point I could tell I was getting more and more overweight. I had made attempts to lose weight in the past, but could never continue past the initial burst of motivation that I would [...]

Wow! See how Jeff Hogan loss 150 pounds

// I always knew my weight was an issue. I started getting too heavy around 8 or 9 years old, and just kept getting bigger. I come from a family of athletes and have always played sports, but I also found joy in comfy couches and a family full of masterful southern cooks. I grew up being the lovable fat kid who was everybody’s friend, but would get picked on constantly about his weight — “lovingly,” [...]

‘Yes, I had an abortion today and I’m happy I did’ – Woman writes an open letter

// A woman has opened up after she had an abortion…The woman, who already has two two-year-old boys decided to have a termination because she simply could not cope with a third child. She wrote on reddit; “This morning, I woke up at 4:30 so I could drive two and a half hours to an abortion clinic. I walked inside of a building with a crowd of protesters shouting at me and telling me how [...]

Zahra Buhari sends drugs to over 430 sickle cell children

// President Buhari's daughter, Zahra who turned 21 on Friday, December 18, showed some love to over 430 children suffering from sickle cell. With the support of her mother, Aisha Buhari, the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation ambassador presented cartons of drugs to the foundation. Pictured are sickle cell children receiving drugs at Asokoro General Hospital. See photos below:         [...]

Wole Soyinka and his Wife with Mo Abudu at the Cinemas

// Wole Soyinka and his wife  Folake Doherty-Soyinka, with Mo Abudu was spotted at Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, The Palms, Lekki. This was at the the premiere of the new Nollywood movie, Fifty // [...]

US Ebola survivors suffering health problems after recovery

// The small number of people in the U.S. who contracted Ebola have all experienced complications from the disease after they recovered, including hair loss, joint pain and eye problems, according to a new report. Researchers surveyed the eight people who were treated for Ebola in the United States during 2014, about five months after they were released from the hospital. Six of these people [...]

Turing Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli arrested by FBI on fraud

// Martin Shkreli, the former hedge fund manager under fire for buying a pharmaceutical company and ratcheting up the price of a life-saving drug, is in custody following a securities probe not directly related to those actions. A seven-count indictment unsealed in Brooklyn federal court Thursday charged Shkreli with conspiracy to commit securities fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and securities [...]

Adele discloses secret to her dramatic weight loss

// After Adele‘s Live in New York City special on NBC — which became the most-watched concert in 10 years by pulling 11.3 million viewers Monday night — the world was buzzing about her extraordinary talent, new haircut, and her dramatic weight loss. // During an interview with The Sun, the British singer-songwriter disclosed that she shed a few pounds after removing tea and sugar from [...]

Dele Momodo confirms Diezani Mmadueke is still alive

// Dele Momodu confirms Diezani is still alive after he contacted the former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke. // [...]

Depression symptoms in men

// Compared to women, men with depression are more likely to experience low energy, irritability, and anger, sometimes to the point of inflicting pain on others. Men with depression are also more likely to exhibit sleep problems, a loss of interest in work or hobbies, and substance abuse. // They may work excessively and engage in more risky behaviors when struggling with depression, committing [...]

Depression symptoms in women

// Depression rates are higher in female than in male. In comparison to men, women tend to develop depression at an earlier age and have depressive episodes that last longer and tend to recur more often. Women may more often have a seasonal pattern to depression, as well as symptoms of atypical depression (for example, eating or sleeping too much, carbohydrate craving, weight gain, a heavy feeling [...]

Amazing moment woman gives birth while standing up in the street (Video)

// The amazing moment a pregnant woman goes into labour on the street was caught on camera as she was helped by passersby. The woman, who gave birth to the tot in full view of the public, was shielded only by a sheet held up by a man who was also helping her stand. // Another woman and a nurse helped her bring the baby into the world in the city of Tongren in China. In the footage [...]

Survival data for Mesothelioma

// Survival rates are often used by doctors as a standard way of discussing a person’s prognosis (outlook). Some people want to know the survival statistics for people in similar situations, while others may not find the numbers helpful, or might not even want to know them. If you don’t want to read about the survival statistics for mesothelioma, stop reading here. // To get survival rates, [...]

Antidepressant use during pregnancy increases Autism risk by 87 Percent

// Using antidepressants during pregnancy greatly increases the risk of autism, Professor Anick Bérard of the University of Montreal and its affiliated CHU Sainte-Justine children’s hospital revealed today. Prof. Bérard, an internationally renowned expert in the fields of pharmaceutical safety during pregnancy, came to her conclusions after reviewing data covering 145,456 pregnancies. “The [...]

Meet the real Amber Rose before her Brazilian butt lift

// There have been rumor about Amber Rose’s butt as many critics claim that she had a butt lift. // In February, Gothic hip-hop artist Padge-Victoria Windslowe, who was charged with killing Nigerian star Claudia Adarotimi with illegal butt injections, dropped Amber Rose’s name as one of her clients. Windslowe claimed Amber Rose was “like a walking billboard” when she first came to [...]

After she was dumped at the Altar, this “Obese” bride lost tremendous weight

// Oh mine! This is heartless. The day that was supposed to be the most joyful day of your life turned out to be miserable. Ever since Kari Duane was in school, she struggled with her weight and, like many of us, has a hard time staying away from sweets, chips, and other processed foods. However, it was not until her would-be husband left her at the altar for being too "obese" and "chubby" in her [...]

Man loses 120 pounds in 4 months with only technology

// It's amazing to lose 120 pounds (55kg) in just 4 months..... this method is really effective. Penn Jillette is a firm believer that too much moderation is bad for you. “I’ve never had a drink of alcohol in my life,” says the 60-year-old illusionist. “I’ve never had a puff of marijuana. And if I did do drugs, I’d be a heroin addict and I’d drop LSD every day. Not only do I not [...]

80 Boston college students sick after eating at Chipotle

// Boston College said Tuesday the number of students complaining of gastrointestinal symptoms after eating at a Chipotle this weekend has climbed to 80, up from the 30 it reported the previous day. The illnesses come as Chipotle's sales are already being slammed by a multi-state outbreak of E. coli linked to its restaurants. The company says it thinks the Boston College illnesses are an isolated [...]

27 Year old woman doctors told pregnancy could kill her dies 3 weeks after giving birth

// Proud mother who defied doctors warnings over having a baby has died just three weeks after giving birth. Leah Biggs, 27, was told that having a baby could kill her because of her fragile heart – but gave birth to her tiny 4lbs 4oz daughter Aria last month. However Leah, who underwent a heart transplant in 2010, suffered complications and had to be kept alive by a life support machine. But [...]

Oh my! See a couple doctor said that it is medically impossible for them to have sex

// A Chinese couple has been told by a doctor - that they are TOO FAT TO HAVE SEX. Lin Yue and Deng Yang tip the scales at a combined weight of nearly 900 pounds, according to Central European News. The plus-size lovebirds, both 30 years old, have been married since 2010, but haven’t been able to have sex because of their weight. The couple visited a doctor in China who examined the couple [...]

54 year old woman delivers twins after years of barreness

God is faithful. According to twitter user @temiokomi who shared the photos, his Aunty aged 54, has welcomed twin boys with her husband who is over 54-year-old. The couple who lives in UK  welcomed their first children after several years of marriage. Big congrats to them. More photos below;  [...]

Dad demands abortion after surrogate learns she’s having triplets

    A man who paid a surrogate to have his baby became overwhelmed when he learned she was having triplets — and demanded the woman abort one of the fetuses while threatening her with financial ruin, she claims. “They are human beings. I bonded with these kids. This is just not right,” mom-to-be Melissa Cook told The Post on Tuesday. Cook’s heart-wrenching dilemma [...]