BOMBSHELL!!! Britain Blasts Buhari, What Have You Achieved By Arresting And Jailing Big Names

BOMBSHELL!!! Britain Blasts Buhari, What Have You Achieved By Arresting And Jailing Big Names

The Britain High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Thomas Arkwright has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to put in place the institution that would totally uproot corruption in Nigeria.

Vanguard reports that Arkwright said arresting and sending big men to jail is not enough in his fight against corruption.

It is gathered that Arkwright, however, said Nigeria should look inward and stop blaming its colonial master for its lack of industrial development. Arkwright also noted that with Brexit, the relationship of Britain will change with Nigeria for the better as Britain will no longer be a parent to Nigeria but become a partner with it.

Arkwright who stated this on Thursday April 6, while delivering a lecture at the Federal University, Lokoja on the theme; “BREXIT: Lessons, Challenges and Opportunites for Nigeria” also said the UK is not afraid to face the challenges of what Brexit will cause.

Speaking on the industrial drive of Nigeria, Arkwright said: “You have the federal government, state and local government. You have human capital resources, you have the money. It is not the British that determine how you appropriate and spend these resources.

“In Nigeria for every situation, the country will come up with two committees, different commissions and commence many legs of addressing the situation. But the problem is, it’s only theoretical and nothing practical will be taken to addressed such situation. “The UK is ready to partner with the country to support its education, trade and security partnership. But Nigeria will still have to make ways for its technological drive on his own”.

He said the country will also have to deal with corruption, “as corruption is causing a setback for British investors to come to Nigeria,” It is not only by arresting big names and sending them to jail. It is about dealing with the corrosive nature of corruption that occurs in everyday Nigeria. “This must be done through building of institutions that will outlive even the President and become a yardstick in measuring transparency and accountability and future dealings of Nigeria everyday living”.

Arkwright who said the UK is already working towards releasing the stolen funds lodged in their country by corrupt Nigerian leaders however said, Nigeria has to wait as there are legal processes involved that must first be sorted out before the release. The high commissioner who said the UK is the largest European overseas investor in Africa and the second largest globally said, in the next five years through UK, 5.8million children in Africa will be supported to gain decent education; 23.7 million Africa to get access to clean water and sanitation, while 31.2million women and adolescent children will receive nutritional support.

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