BIAFRA OR DEATH!!! Iam Ready To Shade My Blood To Give My People Biafra, A Peaceful Country They So Deserve – Nnamdi Kanu Writes From Kuje Prison

BIAFRA OR DEATH!!! Iam Ready To Shade My Blood To Give My People Biafra, A Peaceful Country They So Deserve - Nnamdi Kanu Writes From Kuje Prison

I told them that I’m determined to liberate my people…

They think I’m joking, they told me to come to Nigeria if I’m serious about it…

I’m ever determined not to disappoint my people cos I bet my life to it…

Nobody can buy me or pay me off, you can go to hell with your pounds and dollars, all I want is to see Biafra my Nation which you denied us…

If it meant to take my life to restore Biafra I’m giving up my life for my people cos they’ve suffered enough…

Don’t grieve for me just pray for my People’s freedom…

I only want to see my people happy in a country they deserve…

They can’t continue to be dying in the hands of Nigerians…

Hausa-Fulani herdsmen and my people are not meant to live together, never!!!

We are forced to live in this entity called Nigeria which is nothing but Zoo where anything can happen and nobody cares!!!

Yorubas think that they are in tune with Hausa-Fulani’s but I laugh at them cos these people don’t value life and they’ll soon start killing both the Yorubas till then they will understand what am saying and why I want my people out of this dangerous nation…

We are Biafrans, though we do have many judas in higher authorities holding us down but we can never let them pull us down due to their selfish interest…

I don’t hate any tribe in this nation I love everybody equally but it’s not a must to live together… Marriage is never by force why are they forcing us to live together by force???

It’s either Biafra or Death, I better remain in here than to be in uk and watch my people die for nothing…

I will never disappoint my people but it’s up to my people not to disappoint me…

4 people out of 100 to restore Biafra, where are the remaining 96???…

We must fulfill this mission which I was born for, IPOB I’m proud of you all.

13 Responses to BIAFRA OR DEATH!!! Iam Ready To Shade My Blood To Give My People Biafra, A Peaceful Country They So Deserve – Nnamdi Kanu Writes From Kuje Prison

  1. Anonymous says:

    Long live d freedom fighter Mazi may ur days be long.Long live d rising sun(biafra).

  2. Anonymous says:

    My brother we love what you are doing and we are parying for u. Long live the freedom fighter, long live my people ndi Igbo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are all ready to die with u.

  4. ThankGod Godwen says:

    Thank u mazi the people of biafra is praying for u my boss and stongl bliv tht the Almight God tht set Isreal free frm the hands of Egyptians wil do it for us too pls my advc to is dnt be desive for get all those sarbotours.

  5. joesph says:

    fight for freedom is not an easy task Nigeria needs revolution starting from the leaders cus people are suffering even as I write I have not eaten,so when you talk of biafra I always believe its our last hope: REVOLUTION REVOLUTION REVOLUTION

  6. Anonymous says:

    When ever I hear any word from you Mazi NNAMDI the living Moses of our time, I have more and more hope and Biafra must be restored by the mighty of Chukwuokikeabiama

  7. Hycienth says:

    My brother we all biafrans love what you are doing, freedom @ last is our prayer, we won dispoint you, hand of God is upen you,

  8. Anonymous says:

    Never mind N. Kanu, we re solidily behind u & you will not die for God who sent you for dis, has already fortified you. Long live Biafra my nation, here we come., Long live the fearless tiger of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi.

  9. Anonymous says:

    tank Sir, we stand wer u r n will never ever disappoint u sir, long live nnadi kanu , long live upon, long live Biafra’s world wide.

  10. stephen says:

    i support u bt u wil nt die til we av our fredom

  11. Achonwa says:

    We are ready to die with you if it’s what it will take us to restore Biafra. we are strongly united and together with you. My prayer is that we witness the rising of the sun from the east.No Biafra no peace. God bless Nnamdi KANU, God bless Biafra. Iseee….

  12. ODD says:

    God’s own people never run or die in the hands of the enemy. The whole sent you is the same God who sent moses to the Egyptians.when it look impossible in the eyes of human that is when he shows why he is God. The time is here and you will never die in the hands of te enemy. All hail biafra.

  13. BIAFRA BORN says:

    ALL HAIL BIAFRA!!!!!!!!!

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