BIAFRA ALERT!!! SHEIKH AHMED GUMI DROPS ANOTHER BOMBSHELL:Buhari Leave Biafra And Niger Delta Militants Alone, You Will Fail

BIAFRA ALERT!!! SHEIKH AHMED GUMI DROPS ANOTHER BOMBSHELL:Buhari Leave Biafra And Niger Delta Militants Alone, You Will Fail

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for the way he is ripping Nigeria apart and the method he is employing in fighting corruption. In an interview with Sahara Reporters, Gumi accused President Buhari of not making the unity of Nigeria a priority and that this has given birth to agitation by different regions.

  He said: “The government should have formed a Government of National Unity right from the beginning. For example, tell the South-East to bring whoever they trust to represent them in the government. The South-West brought Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as running mate; he was not the choice of Buhari. 

“The same way that you did with South-West do with the South- South and South-East. This is what I mean by Government of National Unity because if the militants believe that they are represented well in the government, they will allow the oil to flow.

“If the crude oil flows, our refineries will work. The President needs to listen; he can’t afford to be adamant anymore. He should listen to knowledgeable individuals and not sycophants who supported him. Nigeria is for everybody. It is not for any single political party or the President.

” On President Buhari’s order that Niger Delta militant bombing pipelines be crushed, Gumi said it was not the best way to deal with the situation.

“How can they deal with the militants in the first place, when they are holding the nation’s umbilical cord? You are fighting Boko Haram in the North, and you want to fight the militants in the creeks. You don’t fight on two fronts at the same time. That was one of the reasons why Adolf Hitler failed in the Second World War. The government should sit down with them and ask them the reasons for their agitation.

“Don’t forget; they were embittered that their man Goodluck Jonathan was defeated. Their argument now is, ‘if you hate our man, then leave our oil.’ No section of the country has the solution of Nigeria’s problem.

“So, everybody should be brought on board. Even if the South-South brings Government Tompolo as their man, we should accept him, so long as they trust him; so that we will have stability.

“A military solution is not the best option in this circumstance. Former President Umaru Yar’adua could swallow his pride as president and negotiate with the militants. Jonathan also did it. But a military man cannot do it because it will hurt his ego. But if he doesn’t do it, he will kill the nation.

” Sheikh Gumi said Buhari was treading a precarious path as president because there is a tussle between the rich and the poor and his fight against corruption needed a new dimension. He insisted diplomacy is the right way to handle corruption so rich people would pump money into the country.

“Buhari’s coming into politics has accentuated the class struggle in Nigeria. The antagonism between the rich and poor can sometimes be more dangerous that religious differences. I saw this class struggle coming because the masses will always rush to Buhari because they believe that he will bring justice and food on the table for them. They want him to emasculate the rich for them; he either does it, or they will categorise him as a failure.

“So, once you put a leader in that kind of situation, then you are already introducing a class struggle into the already compounded problem. In addition to our tribal problems, our religious differences, and the North/South divide, there is now a class problem because the talakawa just want to see the rich imprisoned. And if they are tasking the president to do that, and if he does not do it he is a failure, then he will definitely fail because he cannot do it.

“So, the kind of leader that we needed at that time was one who will pacify the rich and still have the confidence of the poor. By so doing, the rich will help in building the economy by setting up companies that will generate employment.

“That is why the Prophet (SAW) said that you can get with leniency what you can never get by force. He said that when leniency enters anything, it decorates it. And strictness, violence blemishes and destroys the beauty of whatever they enter.

“So, what you get with diplomacy, you cannot get with violence. If you want to deal with corruption in Nigeria, you have to deal with it in a diplomatic way. No one should be afraid of returning the money that they have looted. But when the poor is always rating your administration by the number of people you have caught, then you are in trouble because you cannot catch the big ones.

“Because if you do so, you will destroy your government and if you don’t catch them, the poor will say that you have changed. The president is even fighting the war on corruption the wrong way. When you fight corruption, it will naturally fight back. Corruption has become an international institution. You will hear foreign leaders condemning corruption, but they are engaging in it because their countries benefit from it. 

“So, the President needs to tread carefully in fighting corruption with the way things are now because it will frighten the upper class of the society. It will put them on pause, and this is not healthy for a developing economy like our own.

“You need the rich to infuse money into the system and fund projects. For example, I went to a fundraiser for an Islamic school. Big men came, but not a single one donated a Kobo, not even a pledge because they may be asked where they got the money from.

“So, there is fright, and this is hurtful to the economy. The war on corruption should purely be a law and order issue. Right now, if EFCC invites someone, the next day it is in the newspapers. “The damage this kind of thing causes to people’s reputation is very severe, especially if they are found to be innocent.”

38 Responses to BIAFRA ALERT!!! SHEIKH AHMED GUMI DROPS ANOTHER BOMBSHELL:Buhari Leave Biafra And Niger Delta Militants Alone, You Will Fail

  1. Nasiru halliru says:

    Really but my suggestion is that our president should look for those advisers.formally work with our beloved former president that they can in light more for our way grand to sheik and successful wish to our president.

  2. Chigbo says:

    Good one, Sheik. But…. Are they listening? I mean, can they listen to very sound argument like yours, Sheik Ahmed Gumi?

  3. Peee Chigbo says:

    Good one, Sheik. But…. Are they listening? I mean, can they listen to very sound argument like yours, Sheik Ahmed Gumi?

  4. chukwu ikenna says:

    you didn’t say it all. If he wants to crush BIAFRANs what about fulani herdsmen he confirmed to be invaders? Why has he not disarmed them since he knows they are invaders? Why does the north insist they stay at BIAFRA land? Could it have been that they are northerns not libyans as claimed by the pedophile? Or is he the one that brought them in? Is he giving them citizenship as fulani herdsmen or what? Why is he silent about their activities but attacks BIAFRANs that are with placards? As for this thing called nigeria we are tired of it. nigeria is the worst experiment of berlin conference of 1884/1885. Must we all die saving the british interest in place of ours.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Musa Saidu Abubakar says:

    U have said it all sheik am wth u, p m b should listen to advise 4rm knowleable people and nt sycopants nd hypocrite liars.very bad situation here in nigeria! may god save our country..

  7. Barfra boy says:

    Buhari iz a bad man

  8. cy says:

    pmb case is like dat of d African proverb which says “d dog DAT fails to listen to his master’s whistle gets lost in d bush” or ” fly DAT does nt listens to advice gets along with d corpse in d grave” so my kandid advice to pmb is” a word is enough for d wise”

  9. Collins says:

    I could slap myself many times, just to make sure that this advise from shaikh to Mr president is a actually from an hausa man. We the igbos believed that Nigeria would have been United and habitable, if only the hausa fulanis were not part of this contraption.

    President buhari government, under democracy has promoted lopsided and selective approach towards governance ;and that has hampered and questioned the sincerity on his resolution towards getting rid of corruption in Nigeria. Many would comfortably ask, if buhari was actually fighting corruption or institutionalizing it.

    The government that started his administration by referring to some ethnic group that never voted him as 5percent that are not worth getting any dividend of his administration ;and he went ahead to act on it, while forgetting that leadership is all about the leader and people accepting you. He forget that he needed the cooperation of people to have efficient government.

    As if that was not enough, he went on a wild goose chase ;as he keep persecuting the formal administration, all in the name of engaging on anti graft war :and forgot that half of his party’s members and his presidential sponsored were part of the government he is battling :henceforth, made him to appear as an accomplice having been selective before the eyes of Nigerian citizens and recently, the international world,because same loots were used to sponsor his emergence in the government.

    He went on further to create more enmity in the south by stopping the oil rich region militants program and thereby replacing it with that of the north ;as well as influenced the escapade of his fulani brothers, across the south ;who are maiming and destroying lives of the innocent people. I could go on and on, but for time :shaikh has said :a good dialogue with mostly the one that will adress the various imbalance in the system ;will cushion several protest and restiveness across the length and breadth of this country. We need to sit and talk.

  10. Frank says:

    This is for president Buhari “the fly that does not listened to advise follow a coup to the grave “

  11. Mariam says:

    Well spoken sheikh,he that has ears let him listen

  12. Ulymma says:

    Well spoken sheik, Buhari should learn from this word coming from his own brother

  13. Ndubuisi Nwodo says:

    he that have ear let him hear.

  14. Mr Abengowe says:


  15. Kingsley says:

    This guy is very correct, I see he has a sense of belonging ans a mannered approach.

  16. chike says:

    yeah,gumi is right. how does he think that he can crush niger delta and biafra secessionist. in situations like this, he need to pacify those people he stepped on their toes like biafra and southsouth people. we are no longer in 80s. we are in jet age and anything can happen at this critical moment of Buharis administration.if really he meant well for Nigeria, he should be pro active and drop that ego, ethnocentrism and hate of some tribe. this is gradually degenerate into something he can,t stop

  17. Kingsley says:

    sheikh salamualeiku, u made a good point but it seems u re forgetting something, let me remind u buhari committed several genocide against d biafran’s for dat he can’t heed to ur advice coz he’s doomed…….

  18. Anonymous says:

    If u know u thief naija money beta return it back siliently and keep quit bcos all these stupidity will not change any thing as per as pmb and naija is concern. U Beta wake-up dankoren igbo

  19. Musa Dahiru Shuaibu says:

    Malam once again we are disappointed in you. I have one of your yearly TAFSIR in which you said “the current situation that this country is into we don’t need a sincere and trustworthy person, all we need is a strong minded person that can deal with lawlessness and the insecurity in our society” . Malam you even cited an AHADITH That “the prophet once deligated a Aliyu a.s to lead a group to a function, despite that Abubakar was among them and he’s the most senior and trustworthy because what was needed then was bravity, not honesty” . you therefore said that IBB would make the best candidate not Buhari.To the greatest astonishment of your concerned listeners, you are now saying that Buhari is too hash in his style of leadership, especially the way he’s fighting corruption and the activities of Militants. You even backed your claim with another AHADITH that dialogue can bring a better result than using force. My questions to you Malam;
    1.Late yar’adua granted amnesty to the militants, did they stop their nonsense?
    2. Godluck also followed the same and granted amnesty to them, did they cooperate with him?
    3. The same amnesty program is continued by Buhari with more proper execution than the rest, does that make them change.
    4.Are you suggesting he should leave the corrupt people with what they have stolen that would be better?
    Malam I’m afraid you have allowed politics to influence your knowledge to such extend that even contradict yourself, leaving your listeners with confusion of which of your statement to believe.
    My advice to you is that you should repent and follow the footsteps of your father (may Allah grant him Hannah) in saying the truth in whatever situation you find yourself. That would save you from the wrat of your creator. May Allah continue to guide us aright.

  20. Confidence says:

    Buhari is a psychopath. Has he finished fighting Boko Haram or Fulani headsmen that kills innocent people and that are fighting people for no just course and now he wants to fight avengers for fighting for a just course?
    Buhari may God help you.

  21. Somebody says:

    Sir you made a very good point here….but one thing I know is that very soon the will of God will be fulfill in this nation….not the will of useless APC nor failure PDP. They are all deceiver and liars

  22. SULEMAN says:


  23. IBE C. IBE says:

    Biafra independence is inevitable,it’s better for Buhari to create Biafra or he will die of high B.P bcos it’s time for Biafra to go.

  24. Eze Iroegbu says:

    Crises is not the best solution and as a President, he should be a mediator and carry all along but the reverse is the case.Segregation and Hatred towards the South East is still paramount.

  25. yusuf says:

    i am a muslim but useless man called Gumi is truly sick. he does not even have solution to the fact that nobody is listening to him even here in the north. A good muslim must be able to think straight which he Gumi is not doing.Even in his dawwa how many souls has he changed

  26. Uchenna Udensi says:

    Dear Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, I am happy that you looked at the current situation in Nigeria objectively.This is possible because of your high level of education, intellect and exposure. Buhari and APC promised change. But he is applying everything wrongly due to his military mentality and the evil hands of sycofants around him. Jonathan though weak as we all said was more diplomatic in his appointments to ensure that every section of the country was represented in his government. The agitations were actually revisited when no one from South East and South South was considered suitable to make Buhari’s key appointments. When the agitations started, he again rolled out the tanks against innocent and unarmed civilians of Igbo extraction. This is against the spirit of democracy. This is against the spirit of balanced federation. It is a crime against humanity. To kill the many agitations, he should balance up his appointments and give hope to other interest groups as you rightly suggested.Nigeria need to be restructured to eliminate the many suspicions that are causing the problems. If he feels that the national confab earlier conducted is a trash, he should conduct and implement a restructured federation. With that, we shall have some fresh air. I thank you for the sound agument you postulated on how to handle corrupt rich in the society. It never crossed my mind. Diplomacy is still the way out without loosing the focus. Appreciate

  27. akinwande busayo says:

    Right thumb up alhaji may u live long. U behave like a single once u are a bachelor but the moment u swear an oath with a woman no matter how bad u may be ur life style must reflect a father in dd . the military blood is still flowing I can see couple with the griviance of how our nation has been ruin by some set of greed, it can be painful but PMB should note that when u close ur eye for the evil one to pass u may not know when the good we also pass by. U were once a soldier but now a father . digest alh sheikh words and take a lesson from there , by D’s u will win.

  28. Miko says:

    This is the best advice buhari will ever get.u have spoken d truth.Jonathan’s me are not d only thieves in niaja.he shud balance his appointments and dailouge with all d agitators for a successful reign. Focus more on the economy and how d poor can get food on their table. Thank u gumi and may Almighty Allah bless u

  29. innocent says:

    May almihgty God derect u to baba as his spokeman or addviser so Dat Nigeria will move forward welldon mr gumi

  30. Anonymous says:

    Biafra is all we need

  31. Andrew Okobah says:

    Thank you Sheik Gumi for this opinion. This is a departure from what is prevalent in our clime where opinions tend towards blind support for our constituencies, ethnic, religious or otherwise. President Buhari should please listen to this voice of reason. With the state of affairs in our nation today, solution cannot be gotten by the use of force. We will only exacerbated an already bad situation. I have always believed, like the Sheik, that much more would be achieved by diplomacy than the EFCC approach which tends to convict a man even before the courts say so. You can see that everyone has gone underground. We all know that so much of stolen funds are stashed away in foreign bank account outside of our shores by key players of successive administrations and their collaborators but the current fight against corruption has centred on the immediate past government. One wonders if it is because the head of that government does not belong to PMB’s constituency – the military. Again, anything that points to a vendetta will not help the fight. All that this government needs to do is to create an atmosphere where everyone is given a sense of belonging which would engender the much needed unity Not an environment in which some are clearly “more equal than others”. Now we are, like many other countries, pursuing foreign investment but the competition is fierce but the unsettled state of out nation would not put us in any position to compete. On the other hand, when there is a stability in the socio-political and economic system Nigerians would feel more confident to invest at home. When that happens, the foreigners would naturally follow. My dear president, please do nothing to polarize nigerians any further. Dialogue with the agitators and put us on the path of peace and prosperity.

  32. Anonymous says:

    long live my father. tell him the truth so that he will fine peace in all his ways

  33. Abdurrahman Sidi says:

    Ya Salam sheik! I am short of words to give you a reply. However, sheik regarding your point on war against corruption, why would anyone steal public money and be complaining when he/she is brought to justice? Of course it Should be a public affair so that the process can be transparent and also serve as a deterrent to all and sundry. Finally I would like to advice you to stick to religious affairs and please stay out of politics to avoid embarrassment.

  34. Abraham Matthew says:

    This is very good words, Baba God bless you. Buhari could have not be in power in the first place but he came there for pride, because OBJ ruled both military and civilian, northernal could have allowed GEJ for this second term. Now you are fighting corruption the Masses are dying, is that justice?

  35. harmony says:

    suleman you are bastard for calling people rat,,you foolish

  36. Rose says:

    God bless you Sir for standing on the truth

  37. Daisy says:

    sheikh, well spoken. You are the only Muslim i know that eats from the mouth. Others eat from the anus. Allah will bless you at least for not being economical with the truth.

  38. Nwabugo s.k says:

    4rm d way d average moslem reasons,u’ll knw dat they ar uncivilized and babaric,nd secondly,they hate truth,though,they are few that speaks d truth like d sheith,may God bless him.

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