Apostle Suleman’s Prophecy Comes True! Tension In Kaduna As El-Rufai Battles For His Life, After Collapsing Several Times And Flown Abroad

APOSTLE SALESMAN'S PROPHESY COMES TRUE!!! Tension Kaduna As El-Rufai Battles For His Life, After Collapsing Several And Flown Abroad

It was gathered that the Kaduna State governor collapsed at his state office in Kaduna on March 1, 2017 in what medical experts suspect maybe related to stroke. A source from Kaduna government house confirmed to this online newspaper that the Governor had been sickly and had been having collapsing spells shortly following his participation at the Kogi polls. It was understood that after the electoral polls in Kogi where he played a pivotal role for the All Progressive Congress [APC], he began displaying a weakened health status. It later deteriorated to the governor collapsing at the office and at meetings.

According to a report by an online news platform, 247ureports ,the governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai maybe engaged in the battle of his life at a medical facility in Europe.

The report reads:
The health status of the Governor is uncertain presently. However, he was not around to welcome President Buhari who landed at the Kaduna Airport after a 49-day medical vacation in the UK.
All efforts to reach the Chief of Staff of the Kaduna State Government to confirm the authenticity of the report proved abortive, as telephone calls were not answered.
Oriental Times recalls that El Rufai had been engaged in a verbal clash with the founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman who presently is involved in a massive sex scandal.


12 Responses to Apostle Suleman’s Prophecy Comes True! Tension In Kaduna As El-Rufai Battles For His Life, After Collapsing Several Times And Flown Abroad

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe this report

  2. Daabee says:

    Every life most test death, weather old, young, big ,small, born and unborn. What are you talking about, death is an inevitable thing that you can run but you Can’t hide. Which one is new to you birth or death, stop fooling your self for sulaiman saying,and the pastor said it this 2015 that elrufai will die in a month

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is true prophet and prophecy. If the cause of the illness of El Rufai is according to pprohecy , his solution will come by the same prophecy or else he will die.So there is prophecy.We the Christians believe in prophecy do don’t make mockery of it.Prophecy is supernatural. It is not a natural thing like birth and deathDAABEE

  4. Anthony says:

    This is just d begning,u ppl are trying God of BIAFRA

  5. anonymous says:

    The worst is yet to come. Touch not the anointed of God

  6. Anonymous says:

    He who bring ants to his house invites lizards to his home

  7. shalombiggaz says:

    That’s good for him

  8. Anonymous says:

    The spirit of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Christian faith is not religion. Religion had prophets without true prophecy but christian faith has the true prophet with the spirit of Jesus Christ which is the true spirit.Religion like Islam has prophet without the spirit of prophecy for the only spirit of prophecy is the spirit of Jesus.So if El Rufai ignored prophecy, he ignored it he believed in a prophet without the spirit of prophecy who is canal prophet ,a natural man answering a prophet not knowing that both prophet and prophecy are super natural thing.Mohammed is a prophet without spirit of prophecy .This is the spirit of anti Christ.


    Only the counsel of the shall stand.any mortal who thinks he can stand in the way of God’s counsel shall be laid to rest.don’t tempt Jehovah El’rufai

  10. peter says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    God of Abraham, Isaac n Jacob if you are still the only God we know kindly fight for your people. Let there be no peace to any man or woman who’s prosecute Christians…

  12. odor chibuike. k says:

    for it is written,I will fight those who fight against thee,and I will contain with those who contain with thee and I will prove to them that I am your GOD. those who thinks that we the Christians by not retaileting to you that we are weak and fools,we do not engage in physical war,battle or fight unnecessarily,our GOD fight for us,like states above, for physical, he permit us to test our stranght,just because he warned us thou shalt not kill Doesn’t not mean is an advantage for your murderous act,u people should check our brothers the Israelites and your brothers the Philistines in the days of old still you didn’t learn from that, our GOD never change and can not change. he is not APC.all the people who think they come in APC power kill Christians by misterious powers of Jehovah let them be destroyed in the name of yawahyashau amen. you all will see the hand work of our GOD this time.

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